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Contact Information

Web: www.sarkom-schweiz.ch

Email: info@sarkom-schweiz.ch



Contact Person

Sander Botter (President)
E- Mail: sander.botter@sarkom-schweiz.ch

About Swiss Sarcoma

Swiss Sarcoma is a non-profit, independent patient organization for persons affected by sarcoma.

Swiss Sarcoma strives to improve lives of people affected by sarcoma by providing clear information, alerting patients to access to care, and providing support on all topics related to sarcoma.

We are in direct contact to sarcoma surgeons and medical specialists in several Sarcoma Centers across Switzerland. Questions are forwarded to our independent medical board. Each year, we organize our Patient Day with presentations from Swiss and foreign sarcoma specialists to provide patients and their partners/relatives with the latest information on sarcoma treatment and related topics.

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