Follow up GIST

Close monitoring of patients with GIST is essential. The aftercare intervals – every 3 to 6 months – depend on the risk groups, the methods of examination, the location of the primary tumour and the metastasis. The most important current methods of examination are the following: General body examination, sonography/ultrasound (limited!), blood analysis/lab values, and above all, CT scans (standard!) of the abdomen. Other examinations might also be applied, depending on the location and the degree of spread of disease, as well as its stage and therapy, as well as the general health situation of the patient.

Please note: In their own interest, GIST patients should insist on long-term and (depending on individual state of the disease) close monitoring. Even patients with localised GIST or who have completed adjuvant Imatinib therapy should undergo further follow-ups for well over 5 years, since relapses can still occur after many years.