Patient Advocacy @CTOS 2023

SPAGN23 CTOS header NL

It was our great pleasure to host Patient Advocacy Lounge again at CTOS 2023 in Dublin. The lounge was a central place for patient representatives to meet with all participants of the conference.

Please find below one of our highlights, our poster wall:

The Patient Advocacy Poster Wall

On the occasion of CTOS 2023, we dedicate this page to our members, the national patient organizations that work every day to improve the situation for sarcoma patients in their country and - together with SPAGN - also on a global level.

All of these posters were on display at CTOS in the Patient Advocacy Lounge - stop here and see the impressive activities, initiatives and groups in Sarcoma Patient Advocacy.


Let's show what the sarcoma patient community can do and how powerful it is -
Working together, making a difference!



Photos: Uli Deck/Artis, Kelsey Chance/Unsplash