SPAGN Annual Conference 2023


For the first time ever, sarcoma patient advocates met face-to-face as a global network from 11-13 May 2023 in Dublin at the SPAGN 13th annual conference, Ireland, after having formalized the transition from a European to a global entity in 2022.

Now with about 60 member organizations, nearly 80 participants attended the 2023 SPAGN conference, with some traveling from as far as India, Japan, South Africa, and the United States of America.

The three conference days were full of learning about medical topics and capacity building. With an interesting mix of different session formats ranging from powerpoint presentations, to market place sessions to panel discussions, it held a wealth of information and inspiration.

All participants left the conference feeling energized by new possibilities for the work we can do together to benefit Sarcoma patients around the world. It was great to see the high level of commitment of every participant ? whether they were a patient, a patient advocate, a clinical expert, or an industry representative ? to take part in ?Changing the World? and contributing their share to make a difference for the benefit of Sarcoma patients.

Read the full conference report here