Sarcoma Patients EuroNet renamed:
Sarcoma Patients Advocacy Global Network (SPAGN)
Mission, Vision and Core Values revised


On Friday, June 24, 2022, the member organisations of SPAEN voted to rename the association from Sarcoma Patients EuroNet (SPAEN) to Sarcoma Patients Advocacy Global Network, SPAGN for short. The reason for these changes in the statutes was the fact that the global work of SPAEN/SPAGN should now also be reflected in the name of the organization.

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SPAEN had already opened the network to member organisations outside of Europe in 2016. Today, 56 member groups from all 5 continents gather under the umbrella of SPAGN, representing a strong and united voice for sarcoma patients around the globe. “The clear global orientation of the organisation plays a decisive role not only in the name, but also in the recently revised strategy. A full strategic planning process initiated by the SPAEN/SPAGN Board of Directors and implemented with the support of additional members describes seven core objectives over the next four years. The vision, mission and core values have also been adjusted” explains Markus Wartenberg (Germany), re-elected Chair of the SPAGN Board.

The globalisation of SPAGN was underlined by the fact that during the 2022 annual general meeting, Ms. Denise Reinke (USA) – in addition to Ms. Vandana Gupta (India) – a second member from outside Europe was elected to the board.

SPAGN_Mission-Vision.jpgSPAGN’s New Mission:

SPAGN is the global network of Sarcoma Patient Advocacy Organisations who support one other and provide a common, influential, international patient voice. Our joy and passion in working across borders drive us to achieve necessary change together with our collaborators.

In SPAGN’s work, there remains a clear focus on achieving change for those affected by sarcoma. This is done on the one hand by providing information and assistance for national groups, but also by representing patients’ interests in international committees and interest groups.

SPAGN’s Vision is that one day sarcomas will be preventable or curable. Until then, patients, experts and other stakeholders are working together globally to

  • drive sarcoma research
  • improve early and correct diagnosis
  • secure timely access to interdisciplinary expert-care
  • provide patient-oriented information and support

Our common aim is to ensure that more sarcoma patients will live longer with a better quality of life.

SPAGN Core ValuesSPAGN’s Core Values:

Gerard van Oortmerssen (Netherlands), co-Chair of the SPAGN-Board states: “We define values as the principles that SPAGN stands for and that we consider important, worthwhile and morally good. Such values provide general orientation and guidance for situations, people and actions both internally and externally.”

The defined (revised) values are:

  • We are focused on the needs of our member organizations and sarcoma patients / carers
  • We are motivated to advocate proactively based on evidence
  • We strive for a high quality of information and education: up-to-date, correct, understandable, editorially independent
  • Our working style is reliable, transparent, team- and result-oriented
  • As a global organization, we do not intervene directly in individual countries, we behave in a culturally sensitive
    manner, free of political or religious differences

SPAGN Strategic GoalsThe seven strategic objectives defined or revised in the strategic planning process will soon be presented in detail by the SPAGN Board of Directors. In an ongoing process until autumn 2022 – following the seven strategic objectives – the SPAGN Board Members are planning detailed activities and projects for 2023 and beyond.

With the name change, the website domain and e-mail addresses will also change: In future, SPAGN will be accessible via (the old e-mail and web address(es) will continue to be used temporarily). SPAGN is looking forward to an even more intensive cooperation with the member groups, but also with important partners in the field of sarcomas, in order to jointly achieve the goal set out in our vision:

Working together, making a difference.

SPAGN logos for download:

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