SPAEN Advocacy in Action Award 2019: The winners are…

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Patient advocacy ensures that people are heard, take action and ultimately improve situations, achieve changes or help to fulfil unmet medical needs. The 12 projects that were entered for the “Sarcoma Advocacy in Action Award 2019” once again showed this impressively! All entries were fantastic and the jury had a hard job to decide on the winners. But they did. These are the winners of the “Sarcoma Advocacy in Action Award 2019”:

1. Desmoid Foundation Italy – “A bridge for Desmoid Tumor: physicians and patients share knowledge, fears, emotions and troubles to understand better the different point of view of this pathology

2. India: Friends of Max – Chai for cancer
2. UK: Sarcoma UK – The Accidental Activist

3. UK: Bone Cancer Research Trust – Bone cancer conference

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 Thanks also to our jury of members of the expert community and patient advocates.

Background on the SPAEN Advocacy in Action Award

We were looking for projects, initiatives, campaigns fulfilling the following eligibility criteria:

Participants: All SPAEN member groups
Type of projects:   Should be sarcoma specific (Soft Tissue, Bone, GIST, Desmoid, Chordoma)

  • For a single entity or for several diseases
  • Already completed or ongoing projects
    (Please: Not just ideas or planned projects!)
Thematic areas:
  •  Patient information & education
  •  Patient support
  •  Improving the quality of life
  •  Social media and digital communications
  •  Generating “real world evidence” (registries, survey, data mining etc.)
  •  Advocacy & lobbying the healthcare system
  •  Being involved or driving sarcoma research

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