EU-X-CT – Patient Questionnaire – Borders should not be barriers to clinical trials

The EU-X-CT initiative aims at revolutionizing patient access to clinical trials across borders. But before we delve into the project details, we want to emphasize something crucial – your participation!

The data is being collected through a Patient Questionnaire which is available in multiple languages. Your insights are invaluable in understanding the current landscape of cross-border clinical trial access.

So, seize this opportunity to make your voice heard by completing the Patient Questionnaire.  Remember, the deadline for submissions is March 5, 2024.

About the EU-X-CT Initiative

Led by a diverse coalition of stakeholders, EU-X-CT seeks to simplify the process of accessing clinical trials by gathering important data on cross-border access.

The initiative comprises three distinct task forces, each focusing on essential facets of cross-border access to clinical trials:

  • Task Force 1 - Legal / Regulatory / Ethical
  • Task Force 2 - Financial / Insurance
  • Task Force 3 - People / Operational

Through extensive collaboration and data collection efforts, EU-X-CT aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of cross-border clinical trial access in European and non-European countries. By identifying existing barriers, we can pave the way for meaningful reforms that benefit patients, healthcare professionals, and regulatory authorities alike.

The EU-X-CT project represents a significant step forward in advancing patient-centered approaches to clinical trial access.

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