SPAGN Annual Conference & New Horizons GIST 2023:
Hand in Hand for the first time


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2023 SPAGN Annual Conference
May 11-13, 2023 in Dublin/Ireland

May 13-15, 2023 in Dublin/Ireland

For the first time ever, the SPAGN Annual Conference and the New Horizons GIST Meeting will be held hand in hand.


About the SPAGN Annual Conference:

Since 2010, SPAEN/SPAGN has organized annual conferences to bring sarcoma, GIST and desmoid patient groups, experts, researchers and industry together. These conferences were held each year as onsite meetings with approx. 80-100 participants from over 25 countries including patient advocates, leading sarcoma experts and representatives of the pharma industry. The three-day conference focuses on research and treatment, advocacy and capacity building.


About New Horizons GIST: 

As many of have already experienced: New Horizons GIST is a great opportunity where patients from the Global GIST Patient Community come together.

On behalf of the “NEW HORIZONS GIST Steering Committee”, SPAGN is very pleased to announce the 2023 NEW HORIZONS GIST Conference, which will be held as a separate meeting, but in conjunction with the SPAGN Annual Conference for the first time.


More detailed information as well as agendas will follow soon!

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