100 years Ewing Sarcomas: Learnings from the past, challenges for the future

Over the course of the two-day conference, we took a look on what has been achieved in Ewing Sarcoma so far, what the Status Quo of Ewing management currently is and where the future might take us. Over 300 experts from all over the world joined the meeting!

The meeting was held to honor the “Cancer Man” James Ewing, who did not only describe the “Ewing Sarcoma” but was a founder of what is today the American Cancer Society and laid the foundation of today` s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre. He was an oncologist by heart. This meeting was a great opportunity to come together and reflect upon the past in Ewing Sarcoma but also look towards the future as a global community.

Recordings of the sessions are available here:

Welcome and Introduction

A journey through time

Status Quo of treatment and care of Ewing’s Sarcomas: Lessons learned

Basic Research: News and Updates/Young Scientists (Part 1)

Basic Research: News and Updates/Young Scientists (Part 2)

A powerful partnership: Experts and Patient Advocates working together against sarcomas

Local therapy options: What’s new?

From Junior to Senior – Ewings in all ages and AYA-cancer

Late effects and Quality of Life





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