EU-X-CT – Patient Questionnaire – Borders should not be barriers to clinical trials

The EU-X-CT initiative aims at revolutionizing patient access to clinical trials across borders. But before we delve into the project details, we want to emphasize something crucial – your participation! The data is being collected through a Patient Questionnaire which is available in multiple languages. Your insights are invaluable in understanding the current landscape of…

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Should I join a clinical trial?

When you have been diagnosed with sarcoma you are faced with making important, and at times daunting decisions about treatment. Amongst the treatment choices, a clinical trial may be an option. But how do you know if it is a good option for you? Is it something you should even consider? Denise Reinke asks 6 key questions about clinical trials and provides helpful answers for sarcoma patients to consider.

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No Losers Here!

War metaphors are used all the time in the context of cancer. “You’re a fighter! You got this!”, people say to a newly diagnosed patient.
And the war metaphors seem to imply that if someone succumbs to cancer, it’s because they didn’t fight hard enough, or worse, gave up – “He lost his battle against cancer.” Many point out that such expectations are an additional burden placed upon a person who is already undergoing so much. But I wonder: Can the use of war metaphors be of help to us sarcoma patients as we strive to take an active role in our treatment?

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Reflections for the New Year

2023 was a big year for SPAGN and the sarcoma patient community as a whole. We look back on the highlights of all that we achieved together and the many ways in which we grew, as we look to the year ahead.

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SPAGN Annual Conference Registrations Are Now Open – Secure Your Spot Today!

Registration for SPAGN Annual Conference 2024 Is Now Open We are thrilled to announce that registration is now open for the SPAGN Annual Conference 2024, a radiant exchange of knowledge and inspiration for the global sarcoma community! Join us for this transformative event, meticulously crafted to facilitate learning, foster capacity building, and provide a unique…

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From Glasgow to Guyana

A graphic featuring a photo of Dr. Sanjay Gupta and several other surgical specialists outside the hospital in Georgetown. The caption reads: "From Glasgow to Guyana: One sarcoma surgeon on a medical mission." Beneath that is the logo for Sarcoma Patient Advocacy Global Network.

Anyone who has a sarcoma or a suspected sarcoma should be seen by sarcoma specialists. This is what we advocates say over and over again in the hope that patients will have better treatment outcomes. Yet in many countries of the world there is no doctor with such expertise. Every year, a Scotland-based orthopedic surgeon and sarcoma expert dedicates part of his leave to teaching and operating in countries where patients do not have access to a specialist surgeon. Here we tell the story of an amazing volunteer initiative.

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Submissions open for 2023/24 Advocacy in Action Awards

Each year SPAGN awards special recognition to member groups advancing patient rights and improving patient support. The submissions are OPEN for 2023/2024 projects. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges and announced at the 2024 SPAGN Annual Conference in Rome.

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FDA Approves Groundbreaking Treatment for Rare Desmoid Tumors: Ogsiveo Offers New Hope

A graphic featuring a black and white photo of the FDA Headquarters in Washington D.C. and a headline describing the approval of Niro, a new treatment for desmoid tumors. The image is dated Nov 28, 2023. At the bottom is the logo for SPAGN.

  Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Ogsiveo (nirogacestat) tablets as the first therapy designed for adults with progressing desmoid tumors, a rare subtype of soft tissue sarcomas. Desmoid tumors, though non-cancerous, are locally aggressive, causing pain and impaired mobility. Traditionally, surgery was the go-to option, but with a high risk…

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Sarcoma Intelligent Specialist Network and How We Got Here

A graphic promoting a blog post by Sarcoma Patient Advocacy Global Network. The caption reads "Sarcoma Intelligent Specialist Network and How We Got Here." Included is a photo of SPAGN's Honorary President Roger Wilson presenting this paper at CTOS 2023 in Dublin.

One of the first things a newly diagnosed sarcoma patient is told when they contact a patient support group is that they must be treated by expert doctors in a specialist centre. But no one knows how to judge whether there are experts in a centre or not. SPAGN therefore set out a year ago to work towards a universally acceptable definition of an expert centre. Such a definition would allow new patients to get a quick understanding, advocacy groups to gain deeper knowledge of their country’s resources, and doctors in centres that are developing their expertise to have a clear understanding of what we as patients expect.

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