Spain: ASARGA – Association of Sarcomas Assistance Groups

Spain: ASARGA – Association of Sarcomas Assistance Groups


Organisation profile

ASARGA, is a nonprofit association that brings together affected all types of sarcoma in Spain, giving support to both people suffering from this disease and their families.
ASARGA works in coordination with other associations at a national level that, in one way or another, develop their activity for groups of a similar nature to theirs.

Five different services, which are
Case management. Unique service provided by ASARGA that puts sarcoma experts in contact with patients to look for therapeutic alternatives, clinical trials, etc.
Social work. Information, guidance, counseling and management of resources and social benefits.
Oncological psychology. Specialized psychology service designed for patients and their families.
Specialized physiotherapy. Individualized physiotherapy assessment and referral to a clinic near the patient.
Oncological nutrition. Through virtual workshops aimed at advising and resolving patients' doubts.

To support patients and their families, contributing to improve their quality of life.
To support and promote scientific research focused on Sarcomas to improve diagnosis and treatment.
To make visible and make society aware of the problems we face every day.
Disseminate what may be the first symptoms of the disease to help in an early diagnosis, and to promote the development of a new diagnosis and treatment of sarcoma.

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ASARGA – Associacion Sarcomas of Galicia
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00 CET

☎+34 881082420
☎+34 620682493

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