USA: Sarcoma Strong

Contact Information


Contact Person

Dr. Matthew R. DiCaprio (Founder & CEO)


Organisation Profile


OUR WHY or Vision:
To see less human suffering from sarcoma.


OUR HOW or Mission:

  1. To inspire Orthopaedic Oncology leaders around the US and globally to lead the way
  2. To lead efforts of continuous knowledge improvement of this rare disease
  3. Connect the global sarcoma community
  4. Collaborate with other organizations to strengthen growth
  5. Fund research to delivering better care and treatments to all sarcoma patients
  6. Increase sarcoma awareness
  7. Advocate for sarcoma families


OUR WHAT or The result of Why:

  • Raise funds to find better treatments and improve outcomes
  • Global 5k event
  • Website development and informational blog posts
  • Social media platforms regular posting
  • SarcomaStrong service learning program AMC
  • SarcomaStrong Merchandise shop
  • Sharing patient stories honoring and memorializing warriors
  • Onboarding other institutions national and internationally as they express interest
  • Continuous outreach to Orthopaedic oncology colleagues
  • Expectations: Apply your skills and passion to advance SarcomaStrong mission; growth through collaboration
  • Meetings: Quarterly – in person or virtual


Together We Unite the Sarcoma Fight!