Collaboration between CTOS and SPAGN


Kick-off of official collaboration between CTOS and SPAGN

In 2022, SPAGN and the Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS) officially started a collaboration to address common issues and challenges and to jointly find solutions for them.

The focus of this collaboration is...

  • to identify problems, challenges, and unmet medical needs in sarcoma management, find solutions to improve the situation in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders
  • to raise awareness for sarcomas in order to facilitate early diagnosis
  • to support and strengthen treatment by specialist teams using consensus guidelines
  • to deliver research that is adequately funded, coordinated and patient-centered

From these fields of interest, the following shared goals have been defined:

  • Raise awareness of sarcoma
  • Identify and advance relevant knowledge
  • Define obstacles and challenges to improving sarcoma care
  • Advocate for research to deliver benefit to people with sarcoma
  • Contribute evidence-based consensus publications available worldwide

General Principles of Our Cooperation

Common objective: Ensure positive, constructive collaboration between CTOS & SPAGN

  • The relationship between CTOS & SPAGN will be positive and mutually beneficial
  • At inflection points, the patient-voice will provide useful insights to meet our mutual goals
  • Research and clinical questions relevant to the patient community will be identified by SPAGN and put forward as potential collaborative projects

Collaborative Work: