I Lost My Son and Found My Purpose

We spoke with the founder of the first sarcoma organization in Bulgaria, Lidiya Vitanova, who lost her young son, Niki, to sarcoma. Lidiya talked to us about the sarcoma situation in her country as well as her motivation and goals for improving the outcomes of people diagnosed with sarcoma and other rare diseases.

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Check It Out!

Sarcoma patient and patient advocate Roger Wilson shares his experience of finding a lump – what happened and what he learned.

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When the Patient Becomes the Researcher

Dr. Sydney Stern, biomedical scientist and patient advocate, describes her personal journey as a patient with a rare tumor disease and her quest for answers through science. She calls for patients to get involved in research and outlines options for doing so.

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Facilitating Collaboration in Sarcoma Care

A photo of Prof. Dr. Bernd Kasper standing on a red bridge which is out of focus.

In this interview, SPAGN Communications Director Cory Archibald speaks with Dr. Bernd Kasper, to learn about the role of patient advocacy groups like SPAGN in strengthening global cooperation to improve patient outcomes.

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5 Questions Every Patient Should Ask When Searching for Information about Sarcoma

Getting a sarcoma diagnosis is a life-altering event that brings a wave of emotions and questions. Once the initial shock subsides, many patients turn to the internet in search of information about their disease. Despite the common advice of “Whatever you do, don’t google it!”, seeking information about your disease and its treatment can be empowering. Instead of discouraging patients from seeking information, it’s important to guide them towards reliable sources of information and support them in becoming health literate.

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What Makes Sarcoma so Challenging?

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month. The aim is to promote an understanding of sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that originates in the connective tissues of the body, such as bones, muscles, and nerves. Unfortunately, sarcomas pose major challenges in diagnosis, management, treatment and research. Sarcoma Awareness Month highlights the goals of the sarcoma community in overcoming these challenges.

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Three Patient Advocacy Award Winners and One Sponsor

Three truly impressive initiatives received this year’s Advocacy in Action Awards of the Sarcoma Patients Advocacy Global Network (SPAGN). With the awards, the organization honors outstanding practices, projects, initiatives or campaigns, and the individuals working behind these activities.

Read the stories of Sandeep Kumar from the DigiSwhastya Foundation; Angelika Sandakly of Info Sarcomes (France); and Alberto Martinez Gutierrez from the Fundación Mari Paz Jimenez Casado (Spain). Last but not least, find out what motivated Ornella Gonzato of the Paola Gonzato-Rete Sarcoma Foundation (Italy) to sponsor the prizes.

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Portrait of a Patient Advocate: Kai Pilgermann

Would you like to know more about what sarcoma advocates around the world are doing and working on?

We at Voices of Sarcoma want to introduce you to the advocates from our member groups.

Recently, we interviewed Kai Pilgermann from the German Sarcoma Foundation.

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