SPAGN Annual Conference 2024


SPAGN Annual Conference 2024

With more than 60 member organizations from all continents of the world, we are looking forward to another SPAGN Annual Conference in 2024.                                                        

Save the date: SPAGN Conference 2024, 19th - 21st of April 2024 in Rome, Italy.


We are planning a three day conference providing a lot of learnings about medical and research topics as well as capacity building. With an interesting mix of different session formats ranging from PowerPoint presentations, to market place sessions to panel discussions, it will provide a wealth of information and inspiration and room for exchange. With the conference we hope to develop new possibilities for the work we can do together to benefit sarcoma patients around the world.

Registration and a first draft programme will be available by the end of 2023!


If you have missed the 2023 SPAGN Annual Conference: