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Sarcoma Patient Advocacy Global Network (SPAGN) is the global network of national Sarcoma Patient Advocacy Organizations. Today, more than 60 member groups from 5 continents gather under the umbrella of SPAGN, providing a common, international and influential patient voice for sarcoma patients around the globe. SPAGN is working to improve the treatment and care of sarcoma patients through information and support, and by increasing the visibility of sarcoma with policymakers and the public.


May 17 2024

What is a sarcoma specialist center?

On May 13, 2024, SPAGN published a paper in “Cancers” on the definition, core principles and features of a sarcoma specialist center, developed by patient advocates and healthcare professionals together. The management of sarcomas in specialist centers delivers significant benefits. In much of the world, specialists are not available, and the development of expertise is…
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Apr 16 2024

Join the SPAGN Editorial Blog Team: Volunteer Job Opportunity

VOLUNTEER JOB POSTING: Editors for the SPAGN Blog” Voices of Sarcoma” We are looking for volunteers to serve on the Editorial team of SPAGN’s blog “Voices of Sarcoma”.   Sarcoma Patient Advocacy Global Network (SPAGN) is the global network of national sarcoma patient advocacy organizations. Uniting more than 65 member groups from five continents, SPAGN…
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Mar 6 2024

First Webinar “What is a Sarcoma?” in Spanish and Portuguese, March 22, 2024!

Nos complace anunciar nuestro primer webinar para pacientes con sarcoma, cuidadores y defensores de pacientes de América Central y del Sur, realizado en español y portugués por especialistas en sarcoma de Argentina y Brasil en esta ocasión. El webinar tendrá lugar el 22 de marzo de 2024, sobre el tema “¿Qué es un sarcoma?”. Los…
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Feb 21 2024

EU-X-CT – Patient Questionnaire – Borders should not be barriers to clinical trials

The EU-X-CT initiative aims at revolutionizing patient access to clinical trials across borders. But before we delve into the project details, we want to emphasize something crucial – your participation! The data is being collected through a Patient Questionnaire which is available in multiple languages. Your insights are invaluable in understanding the current landscape of…
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Jan 23 2024

Insights from the EMA and EORTC Workshop on Developing Treatments for Ultra-Rare Sarcomas

Author: Gerry Feeney How can we develop new treatments in ultra-rare sarcomas, as a model for ultra-rare tumors?   On January 12, 2024, a workshop between regulators, researchers and patient advocates was held at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) premises in Amsterdam. The objective for the workshop was to discuss strategies to be more flexible…
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Dec 21 2023

SPAGN Annual Conference Registrations Are Now Open – Secure Your Spot Today!

Registration for SPAGN Annual Conference 2024 Is Now Open We are thrilled to announce that registration is now open for the SPAGN Annual Conference 2024, a radiant exchange of knowledge and inspiration for the global sarcoma community! Join us for this transformative event, meticulously crafted to facilitate learning, foster capacity building, and provide a unique…
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Jun 13 2024

The lump is gone — finally!

About ten months ago, Roger Wilson shared with us the experience of finding a lump – again. It was a benign cyst, and for the first time, he had a choice as to whether or not to have a surgery. Roger decided to have the lump removed, and it is finally gone. Relieved and grateful to his tumour team, Roger gives us the continuation of his story.
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May 28 2024

From chaos to control: Three decades in the continuum of care

We celebrate with V Care 30 years of patient advocacy work in Mumbai, India and other states! Integral part of this pioneering cancer patient association is Spandan, a welcoming space for those affected by sarcoma. Spandan means ‘heartbeat’ in English. Vandana Gupta, founder of V Care, explains their mission, success and lessons learnt along the way.
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May 7 2024

Six great examples of sarcoma patient advocacy to follow this year!

This year's winning projects of the SPAGN Advocacy in Action Awards demonstrate the creativity, deep insights into patients concerns, dedication and professionalism of our members to help improve sarcoma patients access to care and quality of life. A big applause!
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Mar 29 2024

My lumpy life as a young adult

“After a shower, I noticed an odd lump on my left hip. Two weeks passed, but Lumpy—the name I declared this mysterious lump—remained. Luckily, I had a when in doubt, check it out mentality…” Read about Matt’s sarcoma journey and find out why sarcoma is like skydiving.
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Mar 7 2024

Somos raros, mas juntos somos mas fortes!

Juntas, duas pacientes brasileiras com tumor desmoide, Carolina Menezes e Georgia Garofalo, fundaram a Desmoide Brasil em 2021. Desde então, a Desmoide Brasil tem – entre outras iniciativas -- organizado simpósios, montado exposições, lançado um registro de pacientes, escrito um livreto de boas-vindas para novos pacientes, e estabelecido uma comunidade online ativa no Facebook e WhatsApp. Sua história é uma inspiração!
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Mar 7 2024

We are rare, but together we are stronger!

Together, two Brazilian desmoid tumor patients, Carolina Menezes and Georgia Garofalo, founded Desmoide Brasil in 2021. In the years since then, Desmoide Brasil has – among other things -- hosted symposia, organized an exhibition, launched a patient registry, penned a welcoming booklet for new patients, and established a thriving online community on Facebook and WhatsApp. Their story is an inspiration!
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Working together, making a difference.

SPAGN and Members

The network only is as strong as its members. SPAGN welcomes every sarcoma, GIST or desmoid patient group and individuals interested in sarcomas worldwide to become part of our network and thus strengthen it.

Events and Projects

SPAGN not only hosts a variety of events, but also participates in congresses and external events. It is our aim to represent the patients' voice wherever suitable, necessary and potentially helpful to achieve our goals, foremost to improve the situation of sarcoma patients around the globe. Find out more in our section "Events & Projects"

Advocacy & Tools

Our member organizations are very active in their countries and we try to support them wherever possible, and even more so in the future. Please stay tuned, there's more to come!

Experts & Research

Sarcomas are rare. It is therefore very important to find physicians or even better multidisciplinary teams who have experience with this disease. SPAGN is setting up alist of sarcoma centers or centers with sarcoma expertise per country. Find out more here.

Sarcoma Facts & Figures

Sarcomas are a diverse and relatively rare group of malignant tumors. The vast majority of diagnosed sarcomas are soft tissue sarcomas, while malignant bone tumors make up just over 10%.

Find out more about Soft Tissue Sarcomas, Bone Sarcomas, GIST and Desmoid Tumors in our section "Sarcoma Facts & Figures"

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