2018 SPAEN Annual Conference: 3-4 February 2018, Milan/Italy

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SPAEN Annual Conference combined with ESMO GIST/Sarcoma expert meeting in 2018

SPAEN is very excited that for the first time, the SPAEN Annual Conference 2018 will be held combined with a professional meeting. SPAEN and European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) have agreed to combine their meetings and hold the SPAEN conference just before the ESMO GIST & Sarcoma Symposium (4 – 7 Feburary 2018, Marriott Hotel Milan) which is known as an excellent congress for international networking and collaboration, featuring discussions with the key opinion leaders in these rare tumours. The aim of the symposium is to bring the translational researchers and clinicians together in an integrated approach for better patient outcome. Combining the patient advocates meeting with the experts’ congress will be of great value and bring a lot of synergies for both parties.

Broad range of contents, one common objective

Since 2010 SPAEN is holding an annual conference bringing together sarcoma groups, experts, pharma and research from all over Europe and around the globe. In the last years a growing number of participants demonstrated the increasing interest in the sarcoma field, a rare cancer. In 2016 approx. 70 participants from over 25 countries including patient advocates, leading European sarcoma experts and representatives of the healthcare industry joined the three-day meeting.

The two day SPAEN Conference (February 3-4, 2018) focusses on research and treatment, advocacy and capacity building. The SPAEN conferences have become a great opportunity to learn, share and grow – for patient advocates and experts. During the last years, it became clear that there is a common sense between patient advocates, sarcoma experts and the industry: By working together, research in sarcomas can be conducted more quickly and new treatments can be introduced faster. Irrespective of the their role, all stakeholders are highly committed to playing their part in “Changing the World” and doing all that they can to achieve our common belief and objective: Together We Can Make A Difference for Those Affected By Sarcomas!

Advocates: Do both – SPAEN Annual Conference and EMSO GIST & Sarcoma Symposium!

Participants of the SPAEN Conference are also welcome to attend the ESMO GIST & Sarcoma Symposium. Prior to the Sarcoma & GIST Symposium, ESMO will run a one-day course (February 5) which is led by an expert faculty and designed to provide young oncologists with a brief outline of both STS & GIST (ESMO Basic Sarcoma course). 


 8th SPAEN Annual Conference Report


SPAEN Conference 2018 Programme

Programme ESMO Preceptorship and Advanced Course as well as ESMO Symposium

Presentations of the SPAEN Annual Conference 2018 Milan/Italy

Photogallery of the SPAEN Annual Conference 2018
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Slideshow with pictures of the SPAEN Conference 2018


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