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GISTERS... The name sounds like the name of a baseball team, but it was originally conceived by everyone to participate in the first "Relay for Life Japan in Tsukuba" held in Japan in 2006, in other words, it was a "team” name. 

We want to make as many people know about the rare cancer called "GIST" as possible. This team name was chosen with the hope that GIST patients around Japan will see us walking around with good spirits and know that they are not alone. 

Now, the trouble came when we established a non-profit organization. What should we name the corporation? We were very confused. 

However, the name "GISTERS" had finally taken root, and of course, everyone was attached to it, so in the end we decided to go with "GISTERS" as it was. 



We aim to provide patients, their families, and the general public with information about rare cancers, raise awareness of rare cancers, and conduct patient support activities to promote medical care and welfare, and to contribute broadly to the public interest. 



  1. Create an environment where patients from different regions can support each other. 
  2. Seminars and other events will be held in various locations. 
  3. Policy advocacy to bring needed treatments to patients who need them. 
  4. Continually learning information empowers our patients. We are here to help. 

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Sumito Nishidate (Board Chairman)


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SPAGN member since:  2023

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