Quality of life in sarcomas?


Incorporating the patient voice in sarcoma research:
ow can we assess quality of life of sarcoma patients?

Soft tissue and bone sarcoma patients form a diverse and rare patient group. Quality of life questionnaires used in research and clinical practice are not always complete and relevant for the unique experiences of this patient group.

Take part in a quality of life study for sarcomas – make your voice heard!

Dr. Olga Husson and Prof. Dr. Winette van de Graaf at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam lead an international sarcoma survey study funded by the Quality of Life Group (QLG) of European Organization of Cancer and Treatment (EORTC) in collaboration with the EORTC Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma Group (STBSG). We want to investigate the best measurement strategy for quality of life in sarcoma patients.

The survey is open for adult (18 years and older) bone and soft tissue sarcoma patients and survivors diagnosed with different types, stages, locations of sarcomas and treated differently.

No matter where you live on the globe we would like to hear from and about you.


What is the aim?

This survey will help us to improve the measurement of quality of life in the diverse sarcoma patient group in research and clinical practice.


Interested to take part?

Please send an e-mail to study coordinator: Tom Bootsma t.bootsma@nki.nl

The study coordinator will check if you are eligible to participate in the survey study and will come back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your consideration!


Find out more about the assessement of quality of life in sarcomas

Listen to Dr. Olga Husson and Roger Wilson and learn more about the assessment of quality of life in sarcomas, what impact it can have on patients' lives, how it is currently assessed and why patients should be involved in the development.

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