Italy: MC4 in corsa per la vita!

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Contact Person

Mariagrazia Vescia (President)

Giovanni Vescia (Vice President)


Organisation Profile

The association no profit "MC4 in corsa per la vita! ETS" (MC4 Running for life! ETS) was born in 2022, from the strong wiil of the family and mother Mariagrazia, after the loss of her son Matteo at the age of 13 due to epithelioid sarcoma.

Our Mission:

Base our direct experience, conventional medicine still cannot offer specific and effective treatments for rare cancer like EpS; once the surgery, chemo and radio therapies have failed, there is not much left. There are compassionate treatments, experimental treatments which, however, if approved, are administered when it is too late. Our organization aims to change this paradigm, at least as regards research on epithelioid sarcoma, the statutory pillars are based on the deepening of alternative studies to conventional methods and on the mutual enrichment of international institutes and research centers interconnected through our association.

About us

In 2023 "MC4 in corsa per la vita", together with "Orchestra per la vita", launched two highly innovative research projecn on Proteomics applied to epithelioid sarcoma with IFOM Milan (FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology) and on cellular reprogramming applied to epithelioid sarcoma with Campus Bio- medico University of Rome.

Our association no profit is part of"OMAR" (rare diseases observatory) and collaborates with the Italian association "Orchestra per la vita" and the German association "Smarcbl" in holding a periodic international expert conference on the status of active research projects on epithelioid sarcoma.

Our Pillars:

  • Research -> support the research for new drugs and treatment.
  • Orientation -> disseminate information on EpS diseases, on centers of excellence, available treatments, and on-going clinical trials.
  • Awareness -> initiatives to educate and support young people in applying an ethic of values that are important for life, and award scholarships.