Israel: Israeli GIST Patients Organisation

Israel: Israeli GIST Patients Organisation 

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The Israeli GIST Patients Organization is operating since Oct. 2007 in order to bring GIST patients the most updated information about new drugs, new research and supporting GIST patients and their families. We are also increasing the awareness of Health Authorities in Israel on the most updated information about GIST, GIST treatment, new “life saving” drugs for GIST and entering them to the “Israeli Health Basket”.

Due to the intensive activity of the management of the Israeli GIST patient’s organization the awareness for GIST has increased dramatically among family physicians, oncologists and GIST patients in Israel. As the Israeli GIST patient’s organization has started to be active there were only 6 members at the organization. Nowadays, there are 73 members at the Israeli GIST patient’s organization. We estimate that there are 160 GIST patients in Israel in different stage of the disease. We are doing all we can and the best way in order to locate and to reach every GIST patients in Israel.


New activities for the year 2012:

  1. Beginning of co-operation with Dr. Gil Bar-Sela, Oncologist and the pathology lab at “Rambam” Medical Center in order to establish a public health clinic lab which will conduct genetic mutations examinations for GIST patients.
  2. Establishment of a fund which will help GIST patients who are members at the Israeli GIST patient’s organization and have financial difficulties in financing GIST medications.

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Israeli GIST Patients Organisation


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