Sarcoma Drug Repurposing Webinar

Sarcoma Drug Repurposing Webinar


January 18, 2024    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sarcoma Foundation of America is dedicated to fostering the development of innovative treatment options for those affected by sarcoma. In collaboration with the esteemed CDRC Sarcoma Task Force, we are excited to present a pioneering project that delves into the potential of repurposing existing medications for the benefit of sarcoma patients.

This initiative is at the forefront of leveraging real-world data—from electronic medical records to invaluable insights shared by patients and their healthcare providers. The goal is to illuminate the path to cost-effective treatments, harnessing the power of existing drugs that, while proven safe, require further evidence to support their novel application in sarcoma therapy.

Your involvement is crucial in propelling this research forward, paving the way for new, accessible treatment avenues for the sarcoma community.

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