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Hungary: Érintettek Association


Organisation Profile

Érintettek Association is a non-profit parents' association, that  primarily wants to provide help to children with cancer, leukemia and those who have recovered and their families. The founders of the association, are all involved, as parents they are raising a child with cancer or a child who has been cured for a longer or shorter time, they are cured young people themselves, and they help children with cancer to recover in one of the competent institutions. The mission of the Affected Parents' Association is to provide personal and real help to families affected by childhood cancer and leukemia with parental experience and knowledge, and with the positive example of cured children. At the same time, they help the lives of families undergoing treatment, those who have recovered, and those who have lost their child, they provide advocacy and create social awareness.

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Érintettek Parents’ Association for Children with cancer or leukemia

📧 erintettekegyesulet@gmail.com


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Dr. Éva Szűcs-Somlyó

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