Curacao: Synovial Sarcoma Research Foundation

Curacao: Synovial Sarcoma Research Foundation


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Our mission: to help find a cure for Synovial Sarcoma by making a long term commitment to initiate, increase, stimulate and fund “breakthrough” research worldwide.

The Synovial Sarcoma Research Foundation is the primary partner for people and organizations worldwide that want to donate or otherwise contribute to supporting “breakthrough” scientific research, strictly aimed at developing a cure for patients with synovial sarcoma. We are committed to high-quality basic and translational scientific research and want to stimulate the innovative research that will ultimately lead to a breakthrough for Synovial Sarcoma patients.

In our work at the Foundation we have met many researchers. Some of the very best researchers are members of our Scientific Advisory Board. They agree that, because of a lack of sponsors and availability of tissue, worldwide cooperation is the only way to successfully understand the disease and find a possible cure.

We support this by defining the lack of resources and by giving the researchers the funds to engage in meaningful partnerships around the world to find a cure for Synovial Sarcoma all together.

The Foundation reviews grant applications that, in order to be eligible for an award:

1) are subject to a peer judgment; and
2) abide by our two governing principles:
a) Research must have a distinctive collaborative set up with people and organizations working across borders and sharing knowledge and resources; and

b) Research must have the intent to be revolutionary, breakthrough or otherwise “game changing” in itself or in its potential for follow-on research within the time frame of a maximum of two years.

As of 2013 we have already awarded grants totaling USD 300,000 in breakthrough research projects. More funds are needed for our long term commitment of 10 years. Contact your worldwide fundraising representative ( if you want to contribute. All contributions are greatly appreciated

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Curacao: Synovial Sarcoma Research Foundation



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