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Contact Information

Global GIST Network

Email: liferaft@liferaftgroup.org
Web: http://www.globalgist.org


Contact Person

The Global GIST Network is coordinated by Gilles Frydman, President of ACOR (Association of Online Cancer Resources), Markus Wartenburg, Spokesperson for Das Lebenshaus (House of Life) and Norman Scherzer, Executive Director of the Life Raft Group. 

Organisation Profile

The Global GIST Network is a directory of resources available to GIST patients and their families in their own countries and languages. The focus is to identify the support available in a given country or for a given language ranging from:

  • Liaison: A link to an individual GIST patient or caregiver who is available to help another.
  • Listserv: A link to a foreign language listserv where GIST patients and families can talk to one another in their own language.
  • Organization: A link to an organization for a given country or language.
  • Web Site: A link to a GIST organization’s Web Site

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