Italy: Le Ali Onlus and COO-BS (Centro di Oncologia Ortopedica – Brescia)

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COO – Centro di Oncologia Ortopedica – Brescia:

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Le Ali Onlus President: Francesca Piccolo:

COO-BS (Centro di Oncologia Ortopedica – Brescia): Dr. V. Ippolito:
Tel.: (+39) 030.3995393


Organisation Profile

Brescia is a moderate-size city (200.000 inhab.) in the North of Italy, about half the way between Milan and Venice, and it’s popular in Germany as half of the Garda Lake lies in her territory. Brescia is the main city of Eastern Lombardia Region.

The “Spedali Civili” in Brescia is one of the largest Italian Hospitals, with its 2.400 beds. It’s a General Hospital, rated as “of National Interest” in our Health System. Oncology is one of the main working-fields of the Hospital and it has all the resources needed to treat tumor patients of any kind.

The Department of Orthopedics hosts the “Centro di Oncologia Ortopedica” (COO-BS, “Unit of Orthopedic Oncology”, Director: Dr. V. Ippolito), which treats patients with all kinds of musculoskeletal Tumors. The Center has a deep interest in the treatment of Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas but also a wide experience in the surgical management of Bone Metastases: it was one of the first Centers in Europe to use Liquid Nitrogen in the surgery of Bone Metastases, in 1980. The COO-BS is part of the Sarcoma Unit, a multispecialist network wich gathers all the phisicians of the Hospital involved in the management of these patients.

COO-BS and Sarcoma Unit treat patients coming from allover Italy and from nearby Countries and is known as one the most important Bone-Tumor Centers in Italy.

Le Ali Onlus (in italian language “Onlus” means “No Profit Organization for Public Usefulness”) was born in June 2009, by an idea of Francesca Piccolo.

Her idea was to create an Association which could help the patients of the COO-BS and of the Sarcoma Unit: its help may go from a psychological support, to financial support for patients who need it, to specialized rehabilitation. Another important target for Le Ali is to support all the personnel working on these patients, expecially for what regards their Continuing Education and Training and the “Diffusion of Knowledge” out of the Hospital, favouring Meetings and Courses with Family Doctors and Doctors and Nurses of other Hospitals. Le Ali received the aknowledgement of “ONLUS” from the Italian Government in late 2010 and started human resource and fund-collection in 2011. Up to now, Le Ali has a Tumor-Rehabilitation Therapist and a Psycho-Oncologist in the Team. In October, our Psychologist will present a paper to a Psycho-Oncology Meeting and a patient from South Italy who has surgery scheduled for removal of metastases will get lodging and psychologic help. The logo of Le Ali (“The Wings”, in Italian) represents 2 stylized wings and the motto is “…We want to give back the wings to those who risk to loose them…).

Le Ali Onlus is funded by donations only.

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