Netherlands: Contactgroep GIST Nederland – België

Contact Information


Contactgroep GIST Nederland – België
Postbus 8152
3503 RD Utrecht
Tel.: (030) 291 60 90


Organisation Profile

Established in 2003, Contactgroep GIST is the organization for Dutch and Flemish speaking GIST patients (and their families), with members in The Netherlands, Flemish Belgium, and i.e. in Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal and the U.K.

Our organization is managed entirely by highly skilled (non-paid) volunteers and is affiliated in the Netherlands with NFK (Dutch Federation of Cancer Patient Organizations) and in Belgium with VLK (Flemish League against Cancer). The Dutch branch receives funding from Dutch charity KWF Kankerbestrijding, and Fonds PGO (part of Dutch government). The Flemish branch receives funding from above mentioned VLK.

Main goal

Providing the best GIST information by means of our website, newsletters, mailings, members-only forum, brochures, annual contact days, and twitter. The latter is also used to stay in close contact with other GIST and sarcoma organizations throughout the world.


  •  Since 2010 we experience a greater increase in members, due to our attractive new website, the 2009 brochure, and due to referral by GIST-experts!
  •  GIST Patient book launch in 2010
  •  Daily contacts by means of mail and especially the members-only forum since 2010
  •  Annual Contact Days in both The Netherlands, Belgium experiencing more interest
  •  September 2011 New brochure, simplifying the message for a better GIST understanding by all patients, their loved ones, and interested persons, also sent to all oncology departments in general hospitals, and to psychosocial walk-in centers.



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