Romania: Romanian Rare Cancers Association – RCArare

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Romanian Rare Cancers Association – RCArare

Organisation Profile
Founded in June 2011; Member of The Romanian National Alliance for Rare Diseases; Joined the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer – ECPC (to identify and promote appropriate solutions and to share best practices on rare cancers).


  • To represent people affected by rare cancers, their families, organizations and professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of the rare cancers from Romania


  • To develop a national network formed from representatives of patient organizations, experts, community and public institutions;
  • To organize information campaigns and counseling on rare cancers;
  • To raise awareness about the issues of children and adults affected by rare cancers;
  • To collaborate with individuals and organizations at national and international level;
  • To influence the administrative and economic structures in order to adopt responsible decisions for the future patients affected by rare cancers.
  • To simulate scientific research – to identify and implement the most effective therapies and methods of care;
  • To promote measures for early diagnosis trough particular methods, depending on the diseases;
  • To improve collaboration with specialists involved in the diagnosis and management of rare cancers;
  • To guide and to support new organizations and groups of patients;
  • To provide further education.

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