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Ann Graham: President & Founder

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MIB Agents is a leading pediatric osteosarcoma nonprofit dedicated to Making It Better for our community of patients, caregivers, doctors, and researchers with the goal of less toxic, more effective treatments and a cure for this aggressive bone cancer.
A world with less toxic, more effective treatments and a cure for osteosarcoma.
We are devoted to creating and instilling hope with and for our inclusive and collaborative osteosarcoma community. We do this through mutual trust, transparency and compassion.
What We Do:
  1. Research
  2. Education
  3. Patient Support Programs
All are provided at no cost. Except registration for the FACTOR OS Conference.

  1. OutSmarting Osteosarcoma:  Each year grants are awarded to a project that will focus on moving research forward for osteosarcoma patients.
  2. Testing & Research Directory:  is a guide to testing and research options to either help inform a personal treatment plan and/or contribute to general osteosarcoma research.
  1. MIB FACTOR is an Osteosarcoma Conference that brings together the leading researchers, clinicians, surgeons, together with patient families and OsteoWarriors to Make It Better for those battling this disease.
  2. OsteoBites: OsteoBites is a webinar and podcast where we invite Osteosarcoma Experts and OsteoWarriors to share their research, hope, and innovation.
  3. The Book: “Osteosarcoma: From Our Families to Yours” is a resource for newly diagnosed families.  Translated into Spanish and Chinese.  Free download or printed book available.
  4. OS Resources:  A packet of information with information about osteosarcoma (including our book) and information from our partner organizations.
  1. Ambassador Agents are certified peer visitors who have received training from our licensed clinical social worker and are able to visit osteosarcoma patients and caregivers to provide hope, understanding, and resources.
  2. Gamer Agents: Are trained MIB Ambassador Agents who game with their fellow OsteoWarriors and OsteoSiblings.
  3. Warrior Mail: OsteoWarriors receive monthly letters of hope and cheer from MIB Agent Writers around the world.
  4. MISSIONS:When an OsteoWarrior transitions to hospice care, MIB Agents provides an experience or an item of comfort and entertainment.
  5. HQ:  The OsteoWarriors HQ (headquarters) brings kids and young adults who have a connection to osteosarcoma together and It. Is. Awesome!
  6. OS Clinical Trials Search: Match OS patients with a clinical trial in under 60 seconds
  7. Prayer Agents:  Prayer Agents are available for urgent or ongoing prayer requests. Whatever your spiritual practice, you are welcome to join us in support of our OsteoWarriors, OsteoFamilies, and OsteoAngels.
  8. Healing Hearts:  Healing Hearts was created by grieving parents who themselves needed a haven of love and comfort along with the hope of healing. While we acknowledge that our hearts will never heal after the loss of a child, we want our scars to remind us that we can experience joy alongside sadness.
  9. Survivor Support Groupa collective of young adults, post osteosarcoma treatment, coming together to address the past so they can create healing, hope, and transformation.



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