Leiomyosarcoma Position Paper published!




As leiomyosarcoma patients are challenged by the development of metastatic disease, effective systemic therapies are the cornerstone of outcome. However, the overall activity of the currently available conventional systemic treatments and the prognosis of patients with advanced or metastatic disease are still poor, making the treatment of this patient group challenging. Therefore, in a joint effort together with patient networks and organizations, namely Sarcoma Patients EuroNet (SPAEN), the international network of sarcoma patients organizations, and the National LeioMyoSarcoma Foundation (NLMSF) in the United States, we aim to summarize state-of-the-art treatments for leiomyosarcoma patients in order to identify knowledge gaps and current unmet needs, thereby guiding the community to design innovative clinical trials and basic research and close these research gaps. This position paper arose from a leiomyosarcoma research meeting in October 2020 hosted by the NLMSF and SPAEN.

Find the published paper here.

The International LMS Research Roundtable is a global initiative bringing together the Sarcoma Research Community for a collaborative focus on the future of Leiomyosarcoma investigational research/clinical trials. It is our goal to discuss and understand the present state of LMS and the continued challenges of diagnosis/treatment as well as to develop work plans to close the gaps and improve LMS patient-care protocol. Nlmsf SPAEN Logo

The following workgroups were discussed during the roundtable on October 3 2020, followed by an open discussion:

  • Gyn Onc Working Group (STUMP)
  • Clinical Trials Working Group
  • PDX/Cell line Working Group
  • Multiomics Working group        

A more detailed agenda can be found here.

Curious? Please also have a look at our Summary Leiomyosarcoma Research Roundtable 2019

Together, we hope to make the difference for the future of survivorship.

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