WECAN launches “Virtual Meeting Resource Center”

2020 06 15 11 02 22 Fwd Now available WECAN Virtual Meetings Resource Center
WECAN has launched the “Virtual Meeting Resource Center“, which provides a set of guides, instructions, check lists and templates which should help patient advocates to run successful virtual meetings, general assemblies, webinars, online brainstorming meetings – as the situation on face-to-face meetings is not likely to change in the near future. WECAN has compiled a comprehensive set of articles and templates which are now all released under Creative Commons license, so everyone can use and re-use them.
This is what you find on the Virtual Meeting Resource Center at https://wecanadvocate.eu/virtual-meetings/
Checklists for the implementation of different types of meetings
Planning the agenda, content and moderation
Setting up virtual meetings
This is phase 1 of the resource center, the following guides will become available soon:
  • Managing and moderating virtual meetings
  • Online interaction and collaboration tools,
  • Recording, broadcasting, making webinars available for streaming, analytics)
  • Storing meeting content in the cloud


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