SPAEN: 10 years of joint globals forces in sarcomas

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Exactly 10 years ago, on April 6, 2009, the collaborative association Sarcoma Patients EuroNet (SPAEN) was formed and founded
by 11 European GIST, Desmoid and Sarcoma advocacy and support groups in Bad Nauheim/Germany.

 SPAEN first steps groupSPAEN founding 2009

First meeting in 2006 (left), founding of SPAEN April 6, 2009 (right)


SPAEN Summary 10 Years

Today, we look back at exciting and amazing 10 years of work, collaboration, laughter and friendships and significant progress in sarcoma management. However, we are aware: There’s still lots to do! But our network has grown massively over these last years: 45 member groups support our cause! Additionally, our ties with the medical community have been strengthend as well, with SPAEN not only being present at the main medical meetings, but also member of international projects, working groups and also driver and organiser of meetings and roundtables to tackle essential questions in sarcoma management.


We want to take the opportunity to thank all our supporters – patients, patient advocates, medical experts, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry and anyone interested in sarcomas – for their ongoing and so important commitment!


We are looking forward to continue working side by side with you, because “Together we can make a difference for those affected by sarcomas”!


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