TRC105 in combination with pazopanib vs. pazopanib alone in advanced angiosarcoma (TAPPAS)

This study evaluates the efficacy and safety of TRC105 in combination with pazopanib vs. pazopanib alone in advanced angiosarcomas.

Trial name TAPPAS
Agents TRC105 and pazopanib
Phase III
Status  Terminated
Sponsor Tracon Pharmaceuticals Inc.

A randomized phase III trial of TRC105 and pazopanib vs. pazopanib alone in patients with advanced angiosarcoma (TAPPAS).
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WHO is the trial for?

  • Patients of 12 years or older with histologically confirmed angiosarcoma that cannot be surgically removed
  • Patients should not have received a VEGF inhibitor before and shouldn’t have more than max. 2 lines of prior treatment
  • Overall health status of the patient has to be good (ECOG performance status 0-1)

WHAT is the key question that this trial is attempting to answer?

This study tries to answer the question whether or not the addition of the new compound TRC105 (carotuximab, a so-called monoclonal antibody to endoglin) to a VEGF inhibitor pazopanib is favorable for patients with unresectable angiosarcoma.

WHY patients might want to participate?

This clinical trial offers patients an opportunity to access a new therapy strategy. This trial will further support the research in angiosarcomas and potentially help other patients with this disease. The trial might or might not have benefit in your individual case.

WHEN will the trial be open?

 The study is terminated for lack of efficacy.

WHERE is the trial available?

The trial was available in several study centers in the US, France and the UK. More centers were planned to be opened in Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain.

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Study contacts:

STUDY DESIGN: What does the study look like?

There are 2 study arms (groups): all participating patients will be randomly divided (by a computer) in two groups. Half of the patients will be assigned to receive TRC105 plus pazopanib, the other half will receive pazopanib alone.

HOW do I get more information?

Patient organisations supporting sarcoma patients in your country may offer additional information about the trial, current recruitment status, and key contacts. Click here for a list of patient organisations serving sarcoma and/or GIST patients. If there are no such organisation in your country, please email us for more information:

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RESULTS of the study

The trial was terminated for futility based on the recommendation of the Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) following its review of interim unblinded safety and efficacy data from more than 120 patients enrolled in the trial at the time of the analysis (April 2019). Read Tracon’s official press release here.


Disclaimer: This is a patient-friendly summary of the clinical trial which has been provided for informational purposes only. Patients should consult their physician about any clinical trial opportunity.


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