„Voices of Courage and Hope“ – Send Your Story Now!

Cancer patients know and have experienced that it can be not only helpful, but truly empowering to be part of patient community such as SPAEN. We would like to spread this inspiring and motivating feeling among other patients out there, living with the diagnosis of sarcoma.

SPAEN therefore plans to create and publish a book of individual patient stories from different countries around the world – together with you! We ask you to share your story with us and potentially thousands of other patients seeking support, information and inspiration. Become part of “The Voices of Courage and Hope”.

The aim of the book is to illustrate how sharing patient experiences and being part of a patient group can help improve the lives of sarcoma patients no matter where they live. By sharing those stories, we intend to inspire other patients to join their local patient group for support and information. By collecting special stories into a professionally published book, we can demonstrate how encouraging it is to be part of the sarcoma patient community because only “Together we can make a difference for those affected by sarcomas”.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for patients or caregivers from within your group who have inspired others; maybe you know a patient who has written a moving account of their kidney cancer journey in a patient blog. Perhaps somebody in your patient group is a wonderful fundraiser or has shown special courage or made a real difference by supporting other patients.

The patient story will be accompanied by a profile of the SPAEN member organisation which submits the story.

If you are interested, please get in contact with us at email: info@sarcoma-patients.eu

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