ERNs start work March 1, 2017



Newly established European Reference Networks (ERNs) start their work March 1, 2017

24 thematic ERNs, gathering over 900 highly specialised healthcare units from 26 countries, will begin working together on a wide range of issues. Among them the ERN for Rare Solid Tumours EURACAN.

SPAEN, along with other patient advocacy groups for rare diseases, is of the so called ePAG partners, who represent patients with rare solid tumours in the creation, planning, programming, implementation and evaluation of the ERN EURACAN.

The objective of creating ERNs among EU member states is the pooling of expertise and thus ensuring that knowledge is shared between healthcare professionals across borders. Better informed decisions on how to adapt treatment and care pathways will contribute to improvements in clinical outcomes and the quality of life of people living with a sarcoma.

Latest press release by the European Commission.

More info here.

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