Australia: Erik Hausoul Sarcoma Foundation

Contact Information

Erik Hausoul Sarcoma Foundation

Post Office Box 154
Richmond NSW  2753

Tel.: When calling from Australia please use: (02) 45612012
Tel.: When calling from outside Australia please use: +61 2 4561 2012


Organisation Profile

The Vision of the Erik Hausoul Sarcoma Foundation is to reduce the number of deaths resulting from sarcomas.

The Mission of the Erik Hausoul Sarcoma Foundation is to achieve the Foundations Vision by:

  • Raising public awareness;
  • Funding research into sarcomas;
  • Identifying early symptoms;
  • Creating a forum;
  • Researching other treatments;
  • towards reducing the number of deaths.

The Goals to enact the Foundations’ Mission and Vision are set as follows:

  1. To bring about a level of awareness in the community about sarcomas; through interacting with all people involved in Sarcomas and through an awareness campaign for those who have never heard of Sarcomas
  2. To raise funds through organising fundraising events, sourcing funds available through Community, Corporate, State and Federal Government
  3. To identify early symptoms through working with people involved in Sarcomas, both patients, caregivers and medical professionals. Early detection is vital with Sarcomas
  4. To create a Forum where patients and families of those suffering from Sarcomas can be heard
  5. To look for and source other treatments currently available
  6. To reduce the number of deaths of Sarcoma patients through enacting these goals

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