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Contact Information

The Sarah Grace Sarcoma Foundation


Contact Person

Dr Grace Moshi (Founder and Director)


Organisation Profile

The Sarah-Grace Sarcoma Foundation advocates for increased research to find new and better therapies for treating sarcoma patients. The Foundation aims to spread excellence in the field of sarcoma and improve prognosis though educational activities and joint round table discussions to enable new collaborative research directions through innovation and creativity.

Our Vision

  • To raise funds for research fellows with grants. It is expected that these high level researchers will then establish their own research laboratories on completion of their 3 year fellowships, thereby having a mushrooming effect
  • Through community awareness and improved early diagnosis aim to improve sarcoma prognosis by 20% within 5 years
  • Improving outcomes in sarcoma therapy worldwide
  • Dedication to make all types of sarcoma curable
  • Through research and clinical trials we aim to find adjuvant therapies to improve sarcoma prognosis further
  • Spread of excellence on diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic research
Global Future

We aim to spread excellence in sarcoma though educational activities and joint round table discussions to enable new research directions in sarcoma though innovation and creativity


Kick Sarcoma Campaign

The goal of the recently launched Kick Sarcoma Campaign is to raise $200,000 annually to support groundbreaking research in the field of sarcoma study. As sarcomas have a disproportionate effect on young people, Kick Sarcoma is targeted at young people and sports clubs, schools and community groups, parents and colleagues who want to get involved and make a difference in the lives of those around them.

Please find two media clips on the following links on the lauch of the “kick sarcoma” initiative, which was lauched in the Australian Parliament.

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