USA: Amschwand Sarcoma Cancer Foundation

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Amschwand Sarcoma Cancer Foundation 
2260 West Holcombe Boulevard, Suite 174
Houston, TX 77030


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The loss of his mother, Kathryn, to sarcoma, in addition to his own eighteen-month battle with the disease, led Tom Amschwand to establish the Amschwand Sarcoma Cancer Foundation (ASCF). Tom founded ASCF with the purpose of educating the public about sarcoma, supporting those with the disease, and encouraging sarcoma-specific research. It was his dream that the foundation might be able to provide real hope and support to other sarcoma patients and their families.

Since our inception in February of 2001, ASCF has enjoyed many successes. We have helped establish a physician scientist program, which provides seed money to sarcoma researchers. We have offered temporary housing to numerous patients traveling to Houston for medical treatment through our Shared Families and Corporate Apartment Housing Programs. Even more, we have raised awareness of this deadly disease and the needs of those affected by it among members of both the general and scientific communities.

In fulfilling our goals of educating the public about sarcomas, encouraging new treatments and research for them, and providing tangible support for people affected by the disease, ASCF contributes to other worthy organizations in order to advance both scientific research and patient support in clinical settings. ASCF has established a young, dynamic board whose members come with diverse experiences. The working board for this entirely volunteer organization ensures that our mission and focus is consistent with the one established by ASCF founder Tom Amschwand. ASCF board members include current and former business men and women, clinical experts as well as several sarcoma survivors.

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